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Open Source Symposium, November 2010

On November 11th, CKC Seminars is organizing the next edition of the annual symposium on Open Source with international allure: the Open Source Symposium. The extensive program will focus on the value of open source in the enterprise environment and will give you insights in the latest developments and applications in this area.

The presentations will be strongly aligned to the practical implications of open source and react to a broad range of domains such as Enterprise Content Management, Content Management, Customer Relations Management, Business Intelligence, Operating Systems and Platforms, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Middleware and Service Oriented Architecture.

Among other things, the following topics will be addressed:
- Innovate with Open Source software
- Open Source & Cloud computing
- Building complete business Portal solutions with Open Source Software
- Document management and content management with Open Source software
- The value of Open Source for your CRM strategy
- Open Source & SOA
- Business Intelligence solutions with Open Source
- Open Source communities

Keynote Speakers:
- Simon Phipps,well-known and respected leader in the free software community, former Chief Open Source Officer at SUN
- Jan Stedehouder, writer, columnist and journalist on open source software / Linux
- Ineke Schop, Program Manager of NOiV
- Drs. Michiel Leenaars, Director of Strategy, NLnet Foundation, Director Internet Society Netherlands

Besides a strong program as regards content, with keynote speakers and business cases, there's an exhibition at which you'll find the latest open source competences.

Date and location
The Open Source Symposium will be organized on November 11th 2010, at the World Trade Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

World Trade Center Rotterdam
Beursplein 37
3011 AA Rotterdam
Telefoon: +31 (0)10 - 4054444


Target audience
The Open Source Symposium aims at:
Business Management (CxO, Business Development, Project- and Portfolio management, Business Process management), IT Management (CIO, IT-management, Team leaders) as well as IT Professionals (IT architects, Analysts & Researchers, IT and Business Process Consultants, Software and Applicatie Developers, Integration specialists) from both business and government.

Visiting the symposium is free for (potential) end users of open source products or services. Open Source Software suppliers or consultants have to pay a fee of Euro 295,- excl. VAT per person. Included are coffee/tea, lunch and documentation.

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