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Healthcare: GGZ Emergis signs contract

Nieuwegein, April 22nd 2010. After an intensive selection process GGZ Emergis chooses OpenIMS.

Under the watchful eye of Mr. E. Bartels, Accountmanager of OpenSesame ICT and Mr L. Everts, ICT Programmamanager of GGZ Emergis, Mrs. M. Onrust, head ICT of GGZ Emergis signs the master contract between both organizations.


f.l.t.r. Mrs. M. Onrust, Mr. L. Everts, Mr. E. Bartels.

This master contract will lead to the start of a long collaboration between GGZ Emergis and OpenSesame ICT for the realisation of the Emergis Intranet (Sonar), digital quality management handbook (HKZ) and general document management GGZ Emergis wide.

About GGZ Emergis
Emergis is committed to the mental health of all people in Zeeland. Emergis treats and / or supervises approximately 10,000 people who need psychiatric help and support. She does so with approximately 1,400 professionals from 50 locations around Zeeland. In addition there are another 200 volunteers also.
The name Emergis has to do with the Zeeland motto Luctor et Emergo. I struggle and emerge. Emergis literally means "you come over." Helping people to overcome difficulties, so, Emergis is the center for mental health services in Zeeland.
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About OpenSesame ICT
OpenSesame ICT is a Dutch software company that focuses on the creation of knowledge intensive business solutions based on the Open Source platform. These solutions are delivered under the name OpenIMS and SugarCRM. With several projects on Content, Document, Knowledge, CRM and Workflow Management OpenSesame ICT has proven to deliver outstanding solutions for knowledge and information management. For more information please contact Mr. H.W.W. Kunst (Business Development Manager) or visit the websites and/or