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Website Iselinge races tot the top

Shortly after OpenSesame ICT launched the renewed website of (opens in a new window), the rating raced to the top. From 46th to third place in the webranking Benchmark HO (higher education) publishes yearly. On the Day of Excellence, friday the 21st of June in Nijmegen, all winners of ‘best websites’ were announced.

It was remarkable, the organization commented, how universities lost ground in favor of other institutes for higher education. Particularly the improvement of Iselinge groep, a relatively small school and only 46th in the ranking of 2012, was honored.

The website is part of de IJsselgroep, see, of whom recently all websites were renewed by OpenSesame ICT. In OpenSesame's news letter, Henkjan Kok, commercial director of IJsselgroep, showed his pride: ,,Filters and circulating banners were built in. The site of SonEdutraining is now interactive. Student can comment on content and, for instance, register online.”