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OpenIMS now supports Dropbox

OpenSesame ICT has integrated the OpenIMS Document Management Server Enterprise Edition (OpenIMS EE DMS) with Dropbox ( This provides OpenIMS EE DMS users an easy way to share all kinds of documents on mobile devices. It also works off-line. OpenIMS EE DMS is one of the first document management systems with an extensive two-way integration with Dropbox.

Dropbox is an online environment to synchronize files between different computers or mobile devices. For example between your home computer, office (Windows, Linux or Mac) or tablet or smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android or iPad). You can setup a central account and manage documents or share them with OpenIMS DMS and Dropbox users.
Dropbox automaticaly synchronises the latest version of a document; furtheron there is no need to exchange (large) files via USB sticks, e-mail or an FTP server.

With the integration of Dropbox with OpenIMS EE DMS there are various possiblities to use:

  • Exchange documents (e.g. technical drawings, design documentation, movies) with external users.
  • Offline client for the DMS, so employees who work in the field can still access all their documents.
  • Use OpenIMS EE DMS as an archive for Dropbox documents.
  • Distribution of documents and manual instructions to multiple locations within an organization.
  • Distribution of documents to a mobile device such as a iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  • Move fotos, movies and documents originating from a mobile application directly into OpenIMS EE DMS and then view them on your intranet.

Check out these screenshots of the different platforms and mobile devices that are supported.

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Afbeelding: 1/6 1. OpenIMS DMS map
1. OpenIMS DMS map
Afbeelding: 2/6 2. OpenIMS DMS map in Dropbox
2. OpenIMS DMS map in Dropbox
Afbeelding: 3/6 3. OpenIMS DMS map in verkenner
3. OpenIMS DMS map in verkenner
Afbeelding: 4/6 4. OpenIMS DMS map op Intranet
4. OpenIMS DMS map op Intranet
Afbeelding: 5/6 5. OpenIMS DMS map op iPad
5. OpenIMS DMS map op iPad
Afbeelding: 6/6 6. Dropbox op Andriod
6. Dropbox op Andriod