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Press release: OpenSesame CRM

Ruud de Rooij (Stone-IT) and Bart van Maarseveen (Outdare, Ictivity) team up with OpenSesame ICT.

OpenSesame CRM jump-starts as big player in Dutch CRM market

Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, May 15th, The Dutch CRM market welcomes a big CRM player. OpenSesame CRM is the result of the coming together of OpenSesame ICT, Ruud de Rooij, former director Stone-IT, and Bart van Maarseveen, who founded Outdare, became one of the first SugarCRM-Partners in Europa, and sold this company to Ictivity in 2011. This new and powerful team will focus on the increasing importance of customer profiles and the effective use of them in sales and marketing automation. 

Wieger Kunst, one of the directors of OpenSesame ICT and responsible for business development, brought these parties together in OpenSesame CRM, which will operate as a separate entity. ,, Combined with our Enterprise Content Management System OpenIMS® we can now offer our clients a proposition that no other SugarCRM™ partner in The Netherlands can.”


The demand for better prospect- and customer profiles will increase and clients will strive for the best rendering marketing and sales processes. Fulfilling that need is the focus of OpenSesame CRM, strengthened by the team of competent and certified SugarCRM© experts of OpenSesame ICT. We achieve this with CRM and Marketing Automation tools such as SugarCRM©, Leadlabs©, SendGrid© and Zapier©. Customers of OpenSesame CRM are able to get the best out of their marketing and sales process  with our services such as advise, implementation, hands-on help and training.

OpenSesame CRM aims for the Dutch market. Especially the center and the western part (Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht), the area served by Ictivity with her Outdare CRM proposition. Outdare, founded in 1998 by Bart van Maarseveen and acquired by Ictivity in 2011, was acquired by Acuity per the first of May this year and moved from Rotterdam to 's-Hertogenbosch. ,,Now this is a big opportunity for us”, says Kunst.


OpenSesame CRM
Richterslaan 2
3431 AK Nieuwegein
The Netherlands

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