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Richterslaan 2
NL-3431 AK Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
phone : +31(0)30 60 35 640
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St. Antoinus hospital Opens Up!

Nieuwegein, October 13, 2011. Following the Antonius Open! project, the St. Antonius Hospital recently signed an agreement with OpenSesame ICT to introduce Open Source and Open Standards business solutions in their application landscape. It concerns the implementation of SugarCRM Open Source and the OpenIMS CE platform.

Anthony Open! was an IT project in which as many possible workplaces within the St. Antonius Hospital were converted from a closed source workplace based upon Microsoft Windows and Office to an open source workplace. The project does not stand alone. Within the Antonius Hospital the ICT department was building an ICT architecture based on open standards. The purpose of this program was to be more flexible in the ICT architecture, reducing vendor dependency and reduce costs through reduced licensing fees.

The first projects currently being implemented are OpenIMS Document Management Server (DMS) and SugarCRM CE for the secretariat of the Board and the implementation of OpenIMS DMS within the ICT department. At this moment a number of other projects have been defined which will subsequently be executed.

About the St. Antonius Hospital
"Our patients deserve the best medical treatment, nursing care and service in a comfortable and safe hospital." The St. Anthonius Hospital is a modern clinical hospital, where virtually all specialties are represented. Nationally, the hospital is known for treating patients with cardiac, vascular and lung diseases.
The St. Anthonius Hospital has six locations: location Nieuwegein, location Utrecht Overvecht, location Oudenrijn Utrecht, Utrecht, The Dental Surgery De Meern, outpatient clinic Vleuten and Houten.

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