Open Information Management Server (OpenIMS) is a webserver based solution which can be used for managing and maintaining unstructured information such as documents, letters, faxes, notes, tenders, policy pieces, minutes, drawings, e-mail, internet content and intranet content, within every organisation.


In fact OpenIMS is an enterprise content management (ECM) solution that combines the technologies of document imaging, integrated document management, and workflow into a single web-enabled application. OpenIMS can be used to streamline processes and share electronic information with employees, business partners, and customers.


OpenIMS consists of five server based products. These are :



         Portal Server (PS),

         Document Management Server (DMS),

         Content Management Server (CMS),

         Business Process Management Server (BPMS) and

         E-mail Management Server (EMS).


These products can, in combination, also be used for:

         Contract Management (CM),

         Knowledge Management (KM),

         Electronic Record Management (ERMS),

         Product Data Management (PDM, EDMS).


OpenIMS is based on Open Source technology, is simple to use, easy to learn, fast to implement, has powerful functionality, is very fast and has low hardware requirements.