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Richterslaan 2
NL-3431 AK Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
phone : +31(0)30 60 35 640
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ASM Europe

Document Management within ASM® safe and efficient
Manufactering machines for the production of microprocessors is precision work. Every millionth of a millimeter in the design of a 'chip' is specified and the production takes place in "clean rooms" without even a tiny speck of dust or pollutant. The smaller the chip can be produced, the greater the market. The designs they make for the production of microproccesor machines are therefor 'top secret'. By using OpenSesame ICTs OpenIMS®, ASM is able to safely and efficiently produce, manage and distribute their documents.



ASM EuropeDocument Management for 'Top Secret' microproccesor manufactering documents.

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