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Open Information Management Server (OpenIMS) is a webserver based solution for managing and maintaining various kinds of documents such as letters, proposals, minutes, contracts, drawings, e-mails and internet and intranet content, within every organisation.

In fact OpenIMS, developed by OpenSesame ICT, is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that combines Web Content Management, Document Management and Workflow into a single web-enabled application. OpenIMS can be used to streamline processes and share electronic information between people and businesses.

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Document Management

webContent Management


Cofely GDF-SUEZ900 out of total 1700 Dutch professionals working for Cofely Zuid-Nederland work with OpenIMS.

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A new planning will be available soon.

Integrated Products

image: logo SugarCRM
Sugar is a professional Customer Relation Management (CRM) solution, for supporting sales-, marketing-, cases-, and other front-, and backoffice business processes. Read more

image: logo EasyData
ABBYY Capture is the solution to use to convert paper documents and e-mail to digital PDF/A formats (OCR/ICR) and enable business workflow processes within OpenIMS. Read more

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RTL - ICT Healthcare TV

Afspelen - Pharmacy Quality
- Quality in the Hospital


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