Why OpenIMS Web Content Management?

Enhanced Business User Productivity
Business users are empowered to create, publish, and manage their own Web content by means of an Internet browser and Microsoft Word. This enables your employees to realize the full potential of the corporate Web sites by using them as business tools for communication with customers, partners, and coworkers.

Increased Customer and Partner Satisfaction
Managed workflow, content scheduling, archiving, and centralized control over publishing standards through page templates result in Web sites that are richer with more accurate, timely, and easy-to-find content.

Reduced Operating Costs
By empowering business users to manage their own content, your expensive developer resources are freed from being ad hoc content managers. This results in reduced support costs for Web sites and enables you to redeploy those resources to work on new projects that address the most critical business needs.

Enhanced Developer Productivity
Tight integration with PHP results in a next-generation Web development environment that enables developers to build powerful Web applications faster than ever before.

Improved Scalability and Reliability
The OpenIMS architecture enables you to scale up and scale out to meet the needs of even the largest global Web sites.

Increased Integration with Microsoft Products and Technologies
By integrating with Microsoft Office, OpenIMS CMS enables you to focus your development efforts on your most critical business needs and rely on Microsoft software on your PC to power your cliënt solutions. OpenIMS integrates with a number of Microsoft products, technologies, and services.

Greater Interoperability
Support for XML Web services enables OpenIMS CMS to achieve seamless interoperability with the rest of your business systems regardless of operating environment and development language barriers.

Based on Industry Standards
With industry-leading support for standards like XML and SOAP, OpenIMS ensures flexibility and interoperability with any business partner regardless of their choice of application, platform, or transport.

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