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Advanced Document Generator (ADG)

The OpenIMS Advanced Document Generator (OpenIMS ADG) provides organisations a platform for generating complex and personalised documents in line with corporate identity, based on various data sources (ERP, CRM, databases, Lowcode systems like Mendix, XML, JSON, etc.) and document building blocks. This enables you to communicate with your customers and relationships in a uniform and consistent manner. The end result can be distributed through various channels such as for example email, printers, CRM and document management systems.

You can easily start the document generator via an automatic trigger such as a call via the REST API, SOAP API, ESB, hot folder or database polling.

The main advantages of OpenIMS ADG:

  • Completely web-based.
  • Central management of corporate identity and reusable models and building blocks.
  • Decentralized management of standard texts in the word processor.
  • Existing documents can be used as a basis for models and/or standard texts.
  • Monitoring using rights, workflow, and an audit trail (who can do what, who has done what).
  • Using data from multiple sources (ERP, Database, CRM, etc.).
  • Increase in productivity through the automation of document generation.
  • Streamlined processes to produce company-specific contracts, letters, quotes and sales material.
  • Very high generation speed, so also suitable for large volumes.
  • A simple user-friendly way to include fields from different data sources in documents.
  • Quality improvement.

A schematic overview

In OpenIMS ADG, you can manage templates, models, building blocks, and repeating building blocks. All elements are documents that can be adjusted with the text processor.

Different templates may be:

  • A model template centrally fixing the corporate design, fonts, logos and similar elements.
  • Standard texts managed by individual departments and projects.
  • Building blocks that can be used in multiple documents, such as address blocks or document signatures.
  • Intelligent building blocks that automatically contain the correct content based on business rules.
  • Recurring building blocks for invoice lines or other lists. Totals and other elements can also be included in the document.
  • Links to other documents for custom generated attachments or general terms and conditions.

Intelligent building blocks / business rules
Intelligent building blocks will contain the right content based on business rules. This offers many possibilities for customizing documents.

Consider, for example:

  • Logos depending on business units.
  • Signature dependent on department, threshold amounts, etc.
  • Conditional texts depending on circumstances and/or choices made (for example, a customized quote).
  • Calculations (totals, VAT, discounts, etc.)

Even complex documents with intelligent building blocks are generated by OpenIMS ADG at high speed and reliability.

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