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Digital Workplace - Social intranet

With the rise of social media, the traditional intranet has been transformed to a social intranet focusing on collaboration and communication. The social intranet facilitates collaboration in groups, themes and projects in a 'LinkedIn / Facebook' like manner. For instance sharing information with and between employees who are often on the road and hardly see each other, and employees who do not have access to certain company systems or share documents in a project group. Using a social intranet employees always have access to the right information from any location.

Employees can subscribe to messages from departments, each other, or various topics, which makes sharing knowledge between departments, projects and people easy.


Nowadays, a social intranet is much broader and the definition 'digital workplace' would be more appropriate. The addition of intranet is out of the name, but in reality it is the sum of traditional intranet, social intranet and web-based business software.

What can the OpenIMS - Digital Workplace mean for you:

  • Social intranet with a timeline.
  • Liking posts, tagging employees, etc.
  • Search through information (pages and documents) and employee register/profiles.
  • A work environment in your own corporate look and feel (groups, employee profiles, news).
  • Responsive design for support of all common mobile phones and tablets.
  • Working in groups, based on themes, cases and/or projects.
  • Content management (workflow, with publication facilities) for those parts of the Intranet where control is necessary. You can think of thematic department content, information exchanges but also corporate communication and news.
  • Configuring and implementing case type/file categories to streamline processes, including archiving.
  • Working on cases or project files with advanced document management including document templates and Outlook integration.
  • Support for HR files, meeting files, customer and supplier files and all processes in between.
  • Mail processing and distribution.
  • Process-oriented (case management) workflows.
  • Management, distribution and control availability of quality documents.
  • Collaborate on documents and sharing them with external parties.
  • Integrated full-text search engine taking user-rights into account.
  • Centralizing of various applications.
  • Statistics for monitoring usage.
  • And much more

If the Digital Workplace helps users do their work better and faster, boosting efficiency and increasing employee satisfaction.

When leveraging a great social intranet, users and their information needs are at the heart of your business. See the movie below.

Screenshots of the interface: 1-9 van 9

Afbeelding: 1/9 1. Homepage
1. Homepage
Afbeelding: 2/9 2. Timeline in homepgae
2. Timeline in homepgae
Afbeelding: 3/9 3. News
3. News
Afbeelding: 4/9 4. Themes
4. Themes
Afbeelding: 5/9 5. Groups
5. Groups
Afbeelding: 6/9 6. Search
6. Search
Afbeelding: 7/9 7. Applications
7. Applications
Afbeelding: 8/9 8. Tasks
8. Tasks
Afbeelding: 9/9 9. Case management
9. Case management

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