Case Proces management

With the integrated case management environment, your organization has a powerful platform for process-oriented activities. You can define new case types without coding, and you can create and manage templates for documents, e-mail and file structures. In addition, you can also set up overviews based on metadata.

You immediately estabish insights into all ongoing processes by opening a "Status Overview".

You can see the status of a case, process or file through the integrated process viewer.

The process viewer shows the current status of a case, process or file.


The OpenIMS Digital Workplace offers standard provisions for housing information in (process) files. A file is a unit such as a supplier, employee, customer, building or rentable unit. In addition, there are business processes taking place around these files. You can think of processing a complaint, terminating a rental agreement, processing a report, executing a project or an adjustment. These so-called process-driven files contain and show the different stages where a process can be. Employees can immediately see what the current status of the process is, but can easily navigate forward or backward and see what is needed to successfully complete the process.

An employee knows what he is doing and is a professional, therefore the system should assist the employee and not force him. It is shown in a casual manner at each stage what needs to be done to help employees directly. So, necessary documents for each phase are readied in the right place in the file. You can upload external documents directly via the web interface or via the Outlook plug-in.

Employees can perform tasks in this process description without having to navigate to another application.

An administrator records the process descriptions and thus also influences which templates and input folders are available. It is also possible to generate additional tasks that are not document-bound.

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