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Richterslaan 2
NL-3431 AK Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
phone : +31(0)30 60 35 640
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OpenIMS en SugarCRM optimal combination for Kwadraad

kwadraad_481Kwadraad has chosen OpenIMS. The Dutch foundation needed a solution to manage their administration processes, currently paper work, digitally. The flawlessly integrated combination of OpenIMS and SugarCRM is the optimal platform to achieve that objective.

In order to find an adequate, durable ICT partner, Sander Vogels started a selection procedure in the first quarter of 2011. OpenSesame ICT proved worthy of a longterm agreement, which Kwadraad and OpenSesame signed ultimo 2011. The ICT company from Nieuwegein will deliver and implement the Open Source OpenIMS and SugarCRM platform in 2012.

About Kwadraad
Kwadraad is a Dutch foundation that offers all kinds of social jobs. For youth, for families that need coaching, for support with debts and for most other kind of problems, big and small. De very experienced employees of Kwadraad are passionate about stimulating people to help themselves; empower them to continue their lives indepently.

About OpenSesame ICT
OpenSesame ICT is a Dutch software company that focuses on the creation of knowledge intensive business solutions based on the Open Source platform. These solutions are delivered under the name OpenIMS and SugarCRM. With several projects on Content, Document, Knowledge, CRM and Workflow Management OpenSesame ICT has proven to deliver outstanding solutions for knowledge and information management. For more information please contact Mr. H.W.W. Kunst (Business Development Manager) or visit the websites and/or