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Millions visit at the same time

Today the ministry of Finance together with OpenSesame ICT launched the 106th ‘Miljoenennota’ on

troonrede-2012-tablet-groot_180The launch of the digital presentation of the dutch central government budget and the Budget Memorandum for 2013 was exactly as planned at 15.15 hour. Important because this is the first moment this information is made public and millions of people expect to be able to visit the website immediately.   

‘Prinsjesdag’ is always at the third tuesday of december. In between 15.15 and 17.00 the highest peak of visits is to be expected. This peak will be historically high since no media are given the ‘Miljoenennota’ under embargo this year. Last years it proved impossible to ensure no information was leacked in the (printed) media.

Visitors of this governmental website can also consult resumes and general information on the national budget 2013.  The platform was developed by OpenSesame ICT in cooperation with Sogeti Nederland, in OpenIMS.

New this year is the addition of the ‘Prinsjesdag’ app for iPad and Android. Users can follow the dutch queen Beatrix on her traditional tour through The Hague in de ‘Golden Coach’ and watch photo’s, video’s as well as the budget calendar. At exactly 15.15 hour the ‘Miljoenennota’ and all other Prinsjesdag documents will be published on the app.

The app is available through iTunes App Store en de Google Play App Store    

Web guidelines
The website is developed in accordance with the web guidelines, as stipulated june 30th 2006 in the Resolution Quality Dutch Government websites. Satisfying these guidelines ensures among other things that url’s are readable and visitors with visual shortcomings can navigate easily.

About OpenSesame ICT
OpenSesame ICT is a Dutch software company that focuses on the creation of knowledge intensive business solutions based on the Open Source platform. These solutions are delivered under the name OpenIMS and SugarCRM. With several projects on Content, Document, Knowledge, CRM and Workflow Management OpenSesame ICT has proven to deliver outstanding solutions for knowledge and information management. For more information please contact Mr. H.W.W. Kunst (Business Development Manager) or visit the websites and/or



Cofely GDF-SUEZ900 out of total 1700 Dutch professionals working for Cofely Zuid-Nederland work with OpenIMS.

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